Universeine: all the floors and slabs for the 2024 Games Athletes’ Village poured using EXEGY® ultra-low and very-low-carbon concrete

BATEG (VINCI Construction) produced on site and poured 18,000 cu. metres of EXEGY® ultra-low and very-low carbon concrete for the floors (50,000 sq. metres) and slabs (7000 sq. metres) of the 2024 Games Athletes’ Village, on the Universeine site in Saint-Denis.


Universeine – Athletes Village for the 2024 Games


VINCI Immobilier

Prime Contractor

BATEG (VINCI Construction)

Duration of works

September 2021 – July 2022


Saint-Denis (93) – France

A first in large-scale use of EXEGY® ultra-low-carbon concrete

This worksite provided an opportunity for the first large-scale deployment of EXEGY® ultra-low-carbon solutions. The first step was developing specific formulations for two different types of concrete, harnessing the expertise of VINCI Construction’s materials lab, in close collaboration with its partner ECOCEM. The second involved designing and installing a heated gantry consisting of insulating tarps and a blow heater system to speed up concrete setting, more difficult for this type of concrete when the temperature drops below 20°C.

Close and continuous collaboration between the different players on the worksite

Continuous collaboration between the different partners throughout the works allowed development and implementation of unique solutions adapted to these EXEGY® concretes. To pour EXEGY® ultra-low-carbon concrete under the same conditions as traditional concrete, BATEG, the VINCI Construction materials lab and ECOCEM optimized the material’s rheology and workability, using substitute binders and incorporating adjuvants in the mixer plant. BATEG also tested different technical options before deciding on the heated gantry solution to provide thermal support for concrete setting.

These collaborative ventures allowed the EXEGY® solutions to be implemented on the worksite without time overruns – quite the reverse, since the structural work phase was completed a month ahead of schedule.

Multiple and measurable environmental benefits

Environmental regulations are constantly lowering carbon emission thresholds and across-the-board use of low-carbon concretes is becoming essential to comply with RE2020 and any future regulatory changes. VINCI Construction is supporting this dynamic and has set itself the goal of using 90% low-carbon concrete by 2030, while also offering its clients solutions to improve the carbon footprint of their infrastructure and buildings.

The environmental benefit of this project is remarkable at several levels, all recognised and measurable:

  • Use of EXEGY® ultra-low and very-low-carbon solutions has cut CO2 emissions by 66%, avoiding 3,825 tonnes CO2 equivalent in absolute value
  • The ECOCEM Ultra binder used on this worksite obtained ETA (European Technical Assessment) certification
  • A mixed technique combining EXEGY® very-low-carbon concrete floors and wood-frame walls delivers a level of performance that complies with the E+C label – (Energy 2 and Carbon 2).

For this project, VINCI Immobilier and VINCI Construction benefitted from the SOLIDEO innovation and ecology fund.




low carbon


very low carbon


ultra low carbon


Volume of EXEGY® concrete in cu. metres


Reduction of CO2*


Tonnes CO2 equivalent avoided

*compared to an equivalent traditional concrete solution (Type CEM II A)

Feedback from the Universeine worksite demonstrates the added value of VINCI Construction’s EXEGY® low-carbon concrete solutions, which are innovative, adaptable to each client’s specific requirements and developed in collaboration with the different project players to comply with RE2020 thresholds and improve environmental performance.

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